The Strategy and Digital Marketing Module will train the student to:
  • Learn how the digital ecosystem works.
  • Understand online marketing models, goals and strategies
  • Develop a marketing plan
  • Design and implement tasks related to image and reputation management in digital media
  • Run an advertising campaign on the Internet
  • Perform SEO-SEM tasks
  1. Introduction and determination of the target audience
  • Determine the target audience.
  • The construction of a buyer persona.
  1. Define, build and measure
  • Methodology to launch and test.
  • Quick construction and tools.
  • Essential analytics to measure channels. Definition of the objective.
  1. Teamwork and conflict resolution.
  • Forming effective teams.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • The creation of groups to carry out projects.
  1. Social networks and display of information
  • The generation of banners. Creativity and platform choice.
  • The generation of ads for different Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).
  1. SEO and SEM
  • Website structures for SEO.
  • SEM campaign creation.
  • ASO Principles.
  1. The generation of leads and sales
  • Obtaining leads.
  • The classification of leads.
  • Closing leads.
  1. Communication with the user, email marketing and notifications
  • The definition of email marketing strategies.
  • Notifications in Apps.
  1. Viral marketing
  • How to get users to recruit more users by employing different strategies: network economy, collaboration, embedding, incentives, etc.
  1. Media marketing and content.
  • The history of your product or company.
  • Appearance in digital media and specialised blogs.
  • Non-conventional media.
  • Content generation.
  1. Other channels
  • Other channels to consider, like online communities, existing platforms, offline and events.
  1. The choice of the best channel and tools
  • The framework for choosing the best channel
  • Support tools (HootSuite, MailChimp, Keyword Planner, MOZ, etc.)
  1. Presentation of projects and conclusions

The Module is structured as follows:

  • 15 sessions of 5 hours each (75 hours). Monday through Thursday from 3:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
  • From October to November, 2019.

In order to obtain a diploma one must attend at least 80% of the classes and successfully complete the final course project.

– The cost of the course is €1,250: €500 to be paid when reserving, and €750 before the start of classes.

This Module can be completed:

  • Independently
  • As a Core Module of the Digital Marketing Specialist Diploma programme
  • As a Core Module of the Master’s programme

To register for the Master’s programme the following application must be filled out:



The EDEM will then contact each interested party to initiate the admission process and evaluate the candidate’s profile. If the candidate is admitted, the EDEM will contact the applicant to notify him of his admission to the programme.

The number of slots for each of the modules that make up the Master’s course in Marketing and Digital Sales is limited.


EDEM facilities (La Marina de València. Muelle de la Aduana s/n. Valencia).

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