The Social Networks Module will train the student to:
  • Understand how a Community Manager and a Social Media Strategist work.
  • Manage social platforms and align their use in accordance with business objectives.
  • Learn different ways to advertise through Social Ads.
  • Master analytical tools and measure the performance of any strategy.
  • Make understandable and useful dashboards in order to present relevant information.
  1. Introduction to social media
  • The Web 2.0 and Social Media
  • Social Media Strategist & Community Management
  • Types and characteristics of social networks
  • The Web 3.0 and the “Semantic Web”
  1. Social Media Plan
  • SMART business project types and objectives
  • Roles and functions
  • Target segmentation
  • Followers, leads, customers and “prosumers”
  • The establishment of objectives and KPIs
  • The creation and optimisation of campaigns on social networks
  • The creation and implementation of a tactical content plan and for the editorial calendar of publications
  1. Social Media Strategist & Community Manager
  • Profile, functions and tools
  • Strategy and control vs. content and communication
  • Analysis of real cases and the successful resolution of critical cases
  1. Social Media Tools
  • Administration and statistics
  • Reputation monitoring
  • Influence on social networks
  • Searches
  • Social Media Automation
  1. The Social Networks and their strategic use.
  • The professional social networks: Linkedin and others
  • General networks: Facebook and Twitter
  • Specialised social networks
  1. Image-based social networks
  • Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope and YouTube
  • Video marketing strategies and tools
  • Images and Canva, Pixir, GIMP
  1. Blog
  • Types of blogs, strategies and platforms
  • Optimisation and content
  • Integration in social media
  1. Content on the social networks
  • Definition
  • Typologies of contents and curating
  • Marketing Mix
  • Tools for content management
  • Obtaining followers
  • KPIs for content marketing
  1. Digital strategy and reputation
  • The company and the product or service
  • Keys to a strategy on the social networks
  • The relationship between metrics and strategy
  • Digital reputation and how to build a solid one
  • Action protocol and customer service
  1. Metrics and Analytics
  • Main metrics
  • Data from each platform
  • Reach and engagement
  • Google Analytics and Social Networks
  • Control panels
  1. Digital creativity.
  • Creative theory and techniques
  • Effective creativity: problem, idea and solution
  • Creativity in the different digital formats
  • Good practices in the use of third-party materials: copyrights, quotes, links, etc.
  1. Mobile Social Media Applications
  • The integration of the mobile and social networks
  • Mobility, relationship, ubiquity and advertising
  • Geolocation, mobile directories, online recommendations and purchases
  • Facebook Places: strategies
  • Mobile applications as a tool for relationships, advertising and sales

13. The presentation of projects and conclusions

The Module is structured as follows:

  • 15 sessions of 5 hours each (75 hours). Monday through Thursday from 3:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
  • From May 13 to June 5, 2019.

In order to obtain a diploma one must attend at least 80% of the classes and successfully complete the final course project.

– The cost of the course is €1,250: €500 to be paid when reserving, and €750 before the start of classes.

This Module can be completed:

  • Independently
  • As a Core Module of the Digital Marketing Specialist Diploma programme
  • As a Core Module of the Master’s programme

To register for the Master’s programme the following application must be filled out:



The EDEM will then contact each interested party to initiate the admission process and evaluate the candidate’s profile. If the candidate is admitted, the EDEM will contact the applicant to notify him of his admission to the programme.

The number of slots for each of the modules that make up the Master’s course in Marketing and Digital Sales is limited.


EDEM facilities (La Marina de València. Muelle de la Aduana s/n. Valencia).

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