The Internet Risk Management Module will train the student to:
  • Know the pertinent legislation and regulations and their relationship to marketing and digital marketing actions
  • Know the company’s rights and obligations, and make the proper use of documents, procedures, authorisations and data security actions
  • Know the risks that IT platforms face because they are exposed to the Internet
  • The sound financial management of marketing plans
  1. Legal aspects
  • Introduction
  • The legal foundations of a digital marketing campaign
  • Civil, Mercantile, Labour, and Administrative law, etc. Context and importance.
  1. The determination of Applicable Legislation
  • General Advertising Law
  • Unfair Competition Law
  • Information Society and Electronic Commerce Law (LSSICE)
  • Retail Trade Law (LOCM)
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property Law
  • General Contracting Conditions: general, telephone and electronic
  • General Law for the Protection Consumers and Users
  • Law governing the remote marketing of financial services to consumers
  • Legislation governing payment methods
  • Regulations
  1. Data Protection Law and regulations
  • The application of the Data Protection Law and the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Law to databases, promotions and drawings
  • Applicable legislation governing advertising at the State level and sectoral regulations on certain products
  • Self-regulation: codes of conduct, ethical codes and sectoral codes
  • The intellectual and industrial ownership of contents
  • The right to the protection of one’s honour, privacy and image in advertising
  • Electronic signatures
  1. New business models, risks and risk factors
  • New models
  • Types of risk (geographical, product and payment method)
  • Employment-related risks.
  • The collaborative economy
  • Legal loopholes
  • Cryptocurrencies
  1. Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate identity and branding
  • Corporate identity plan
  • Reputational management of corporate communications
  • Research into communications and branding
  • The measurement of business intangibles
  1. Cybersecurity
  • Introduction, concepts and definitions
  • Know your enemy and yourself
  • The secure use of new technologies at companies
  • Blockchain
  • Security in the Cloud
  • Security on mobile devices and Wi-Fi networks
  • Software security standards and regulations
  • Secure relationships with suppliers and customers
  • Security incidents: how to respond appropriately
  • System auditing: my Plan B.
  • Prevention and protection: conclusions
  1. Online fraud
  • Security gaps
  • Types of fraud
  • The cost of fraud
  • Verification services
  • Advanced systems
  1. The financial management of a marketing plan
  • Digital marketing plan implementation
  • Conversational capital: definition and assets
  • The implementation of conversational capital
  • Initial investment plan and necessary funds
  • Financing and funding sources
  • Revenue and cost plan
  • Margins and ratios
  • Drawing up a budget
  • Company profitability
  1. The presentation of projects and conclusions

The Module is structured as follows:

  • 15 sessions of 5 hours each (75 hours). Monday through Thursday from 3:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
  • From June 6 to July 3, 2019.

In order to obtain a diploma one must attend at least 80% of the classes and successfully complete the final course project.

– The cost of the course is €1,250: €500 to be paid when reserving, and €750 before the start of classes.

This Module can be completed:

  • Independently
  • As a Core Module of the Digital Marketing Specialist Diploma programme
  • As a Core Module of the Master’s programme

To register for the Master’s programme the following application must be filled out:



The EDEM will then contact each interested party to initiate the admission process and evaluate the candidate’s profile. If the candidate is admitted, the EDEM will contact the applicant to notify him of his admission to the programme.

The number of slots for each of the modules that make up the Master’s course in Marketing and Digital Sales is limited.


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