Digitization is transforming businesses. One of the consequences of this is that the professional profiles in demand are changing, as professionals are required to master digital tools and understand the possibilities they offer.

The EDEM, based on the needs of companies, has designed the Master’s in Marketing and Digital Sales to maximise students’ chances of joining the workforce.

To access these employment opportunities, in this Master’s programme we prepare you through exposure to the real experiences of professionals in the sector, to give you:

  • A comprehensive view of marketing and sales via digital platforms
  • The ability to create a marketing plan for online channels
  • The capacity to deploy an e-commerce platform
  • Modular design: the Master’s programme is designed to afford students maximum flexibility, adjusted to their needs.
  • Renowned professors who are active professionals.
  • Practical and participative.
  • Workshops and tutored projects through which to apply the knowledge acquired.
  • Personalised attention and high added-value services.
  • Modern facilities located at the Marina de Empresas, a magnificent business and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Master’s in Marketing and Digital Sales consists of two Specialist Diplomas, both of which must be earned.

Each Specialist Diploma consists of four Modules: two compulsory, and two specialised electives.

  • In order to pass a module you must attend at least 80% of the classes and meet the rest of the academic requirements
  • In addition to the class hours, a significant amount of out-of-class effort is required to complete the work and internalize the knowledge
  • Alternatively, if your need for training is specific, you can study for one just one diploma, or take a single module.
  • To obtain the Specialist Diploma one must complete all 4 modules within 3 years

The Master’s is aimed at graduates and professionals who have decided to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the digitization of companies in the fields of Marketing and Sales, whether to start or refocus their professional careers.

The Master’s programme will run from October to July, with classes Monday to Thursday from 3:30 pm to 8:30 pm, continuously, except on holidays.

The cost of the Master’s programme is €10,000.
Each module costs €1,250.
Students of the full Master’s programme may, optionally, obtain a 5% discount if they pay the full amount up front (total cost of €9,500).

To register for the Master’s programme the following application must be completed:


The EDEM will then contact each interested party to initiate the admission process and evaluate the candidate’s application. If the candidate is admitted, the EDEM will contact the applicant to notify him of his acceptance to the programme.
The number of slots for each of the modules that make up the Master’s course in Marketing and Digital Sales is limited.