About EDEM

EDEM is a Business School located in Valencia, whose mission is the training of businesspeople, managers and entrepreneurs and the promotion of leadership, the entrepreneurial spirit, and a culture of effort.

EDEM was conceived to meet a need: to provide the business sector of the Valencian region with a “Business School” promoted by and aimed at the companies themselves. Our aim is to be a vehicle to transmit knowledge and successful experiences.

EDEM’s identity, its teaching staff and methodology, makes it a unique business school with clearly distinguishing features:

  • We are a business school with roots in the business world.
  • The programs are taught by business leaders, executives and highly qualified teachers who pass on their experiences, together with the most innovative and effective management tools and techniques.
  • Our programs are taught, monitored and assessed to a high standard and quality in order to best develop and enhance our students’ abilities and knowledge.
  • At EDEM we offer both senior programs for executives, and junior programs such as the BBA in Entrepreneurship, the BSc in Business and Engineering and the EDEM Junior MBA.

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