What we do

Through our range of programs and courses we aim to meet the training needs of different companies, offering a wide variety of topical subjects, with the needs of our “clients” always in mind, and grounded in the discipline that is essential for both students and companies to reach their training objectives and realize their potential.

Our course catalog is divided into:


2018/19 Planning(download)

Calendario Formacion Directiva 2018

Strategy and Leadership

Business Management – ABC Programs

  • EXECUTIVE MBA EDEM:This program will allow participants to acquire ideas, tools and models with which to grow their organizations and facilitate decision-making.
  • The ABC of FINANCE: The objective of this course is to provide entrepreneurs, directors and executives without a financial background with the knowledge necessary to understand company accounting and financial reports, and to use them efficiently.
  • The ABC of INTERNATIONALIZATION : It offers insights into the keys to managing international expansion into new markets, through the experience of international experts.
  • The ABC of Operations: Aimed at entrepreneurs, professionals and executives who want or need to have an integrated and practical approach to supply chain management guided by the real life experience of highly competitive companies.
  • The ABC of PEOPLE MANAGEMENT: This course provides an overview of best practices in human resources management, aimed at developing and retaining talent.
  • The ABC of SALES: An insight into the most innovative marketing techniques and tools through the experience of the companies with the best sales records.
  • The ABC of STRATEGY: On this course participants will learn how to develop strategic management processes in the enterprise. They will also acquire the competence needed to manage the growth and direction of the organization.
  • The ABC of THE DIGITAL BUSINESS: It aims to provide comprehensive training on digital ecosystems, allowing companies to maximize the opportunities offered by the Internet.
  • SuperSMBs:Designed for small business owners who want to grow their businesses in an efficient and sustainable manner over time.


  • FOCUS on SPORTS: Knowledge, tools and models to improve management and the value contributed by sports organizations.
  • FOCUS on TOURISM: Knowledge, tools and models to improve management and the value contributed by tourism organizations.

Online Training

  • CXM: Customer Experience Management: Workshop which aims to analyze the user experience and show different tools to achieve profitability through their faithfulness and change the vision of the organization to be customer focused.

Developing Management Skills

  • The ART of COLLABORATING: For entrepreneurs, managers, consultants and professionals who wish to enhance their management skills in order to develop collective talent in the company, through collaboration and cooperation within and between different areas and departments of the business.
  • The ART of COMMUNICATING: For entrepreneurs and managers in any sector who wish to use the spoken word effectively in different situations.
  • The ART of INNOVATION:Designed to identify the elements essential to the development of a culture of innovation at companies.
  • The ART of LEADING: This program helps participants to develop leadership skills and learn how to lead a diverse, effective and successful team.
  • The ART of NEGOTIATING: Learning to improve negotiating skills through simulations of real life case studies.
  • The ART of SELLING: The program is aimed at entrepreneurs, business managers, sales managers, purchasing managers and sellers who use sales talk in their job.

Customized training

We draw up personalized training programs with the content and format adapted to meet the particular needs of each company, in the following areas:

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Operations and Logistics
  • Marketing and Sales
  • People Management
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Negotiation

Other activities – Seminars and forums

We organize and collaborate in business forums and seminars in various sectors.

BBA in Entrepreneurship
This is an official university degree for entrepreneurs, with the following standout features:

  • A highly challenging course with a firm grounding in values: commitment, teamwork, a strong work ethic, leadership and personal and corporate ethics.
  • Practical Approach: training by business executives and managers with wide professional and teaching experience.
  • Internships: during the four year degree course students will undertake internships for two months each year.
  • Scholarship System: for students who fit the required profile.
  • Partial or total financing of tuition: for students without sufficient financial means, with a commitment to starting repayment after the degree.
  • Advanced level in English: English modules are gradually incorporated during the degree to bring students to an advanced level on completion of the course.
  • Support and funding for students who on finishing their studies have a viable entrepreneurial project stemming from their “undergraduate project”
  • Annual intake limited to 50 students per year.


BSC in Business and Engineering

The objective of this official degree program is to train 21st-century engineers who will manage projects oriented towards customer satisfaction, applying the concepts of Engineering based on a global corporate perspective.
The curriculum is composed of a solid base of engineering sciences, furnishing students with a thorough understanding of technological matters, as well as companies and their management.
The structure of the program includes a diploma in managerial and practical skills at companies, training students in a comprehensive way and preparing them for successful entry into the job market.
Graduates will go on to occupy corporate management positions with a technical orientation on global projects, or as “intrapreneurs,” developing new business areas in companies.


Master in Entrepreneurship and Leadership

The Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Leadership aims to equip potential entrepreneurs with both the leadership skills necessary to start projects and the requisite business management knowledge. Inspired by Babson’s philosophy, the model is based on the DO-ERR-LEARN-IMPROVE methodology. It will facilitate communications between students and professionals and entrepreneurs, who will share their experiences, helping them to develop networks of contacts. Open to all university graduates, this program provides students with the momentum they need to forge their futures.



The key characteristic of this challenging MBA, is that it is sponsored and is therefore accessible to any graduate with ambition and talent who meets the selection criteria. As part of the Master’s, students carry out their internship in a company that has funded their studies, with a commitment to joining the workforce of that company on completion of the MBA, if the expectations of both parties are met. At present over 90% of students are hired by their sponsoring companies.