Cycle of conferences

With the objective of bringing students to the reality of work in EDEM organize periodic conferences of entrepreneurs and professionals. In these meetings, speakers move their experiences for our students to have a reference of the business environment in which they live and learn from the experiences of great professionals, which undoubtedly will help them grow in their personal and professional path.

Manuel Argüelles

Manuel Argüelles 
Engineering Department Director, Nobesol Levante- Nonwatio

“We set our own limits, and success comes as a result of effort”

After obtaining a degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, he joined the renewables sector (photovoltaics) in 2004. In 2006 he was appointed technical director of large installations. He has developed, designed and overseen the construction of several photovoltaic installations on land including the world’s largest, with a capacity of 60MW. Since 2013 he has coordinated the engineering and internationalization department of Nonwatio, a new company in the group. In his presentation Manuel stresses the importance of patience and hard work when pursuing objectives, and uses examples to illustrate the application of engineering studies to real life.