Scholarships and funding

The EDEM Foundation, in accord with its philosophy that economic resources should not be an impediment for students who are “excited about learning and anxious to work,” has several formulas so that these young people do not see their dreams thwarted by the cost of enrolment. The student will bring his best efforts, a good attitude and his talent, while EDEM provides the training and resources necessary.

Those interested in applying for any of our financial aid options must follow these steps:

  • 1. Complete the Online Application Form and select the option for scholarships and / or funding.
  • 2. Pass the program admission process.
  • 3. Submit a copy of the following documents to document his financial situation:
    • Parents’ tax returns from the last two years.
    • Documentation of family unit income (parents, siblings and relatives making up the student’s household):
      • 3 last pay slips, if working in another’s employ.
      • Unemployment: certification of receiving unemployment benefits or subsidies.
      • Other income: proof of any other income received by the family unit.
  • Large family: supporting document.
  • Disabled persons in charge of the family unit: supporting document.
  • Previous scholarships: if the student has received a scholarship in secondary school or a CIPFP (Integrated Public Vocational Training Centre), a supporting document.
  • Additional information: During the scholarship assignment process the EDEM may request other documentation it deems necessary to assess the applicant’s economic situation, and to verify the documentation submitted.

At EDEM no student with talent and committed to the pursuit of excellence will be left out of for economic reasons, as the EDEM Foundation and collaborating companies that support the school will offer scholarships to those students who deserve them and meet the requirements established. As such, the number of scholarships is not limited or fixed.

Assignment criteria:

The EDEM Foundation’s scholarship system is based on 4 main factors governing assignments:

  • 1. Talent: we assess the attitude, proactivity and experience of the candidates.
  • 2. Values: a dedication to effort, humility, commitment and responsibility.
  • 3. Academic record: ESO (Obligatory Secondary Education) or Baccalaureate grades.
  • 4. Economic resources: we analyze the student’s family situation, income level and dependents, unemployed family members, large families, those with disabled people in charge of the family unit, and those who have received scholarships at previous schools.

The scholarships will be renewed on an annual basis, and the EDEM Foundation’s Board of Trustees reserves the right to renew or suspend them.

Finance your enrolment:

EDEM offers students who so require the opportunity to finance their studies. The EDEM Foundation covers the cost of enrolment (totally or partially), and the student agrees to pay it back once commencing his business or professional activity. This model allows students to complete their studies and pay for them with some degree of flexibility, once they start to generate income.

The financial aid according to this formula is not limited. Each application will be analyzed on an individual basis, and the repayment schedule will be established by the EDEM.

The funding may be renewed on an annual basis. The EDEM Foundation reserves the right to renew or suspend funds each year.

For any other additional information, ask the EDEM University Centre using the following Information Request, or call 963 532 746.