Educational model

Tutorial System

  • Academic Staff: The number of students is limited to 50 per course, so we offer an individualized tutorial action plan for each student, with guidance and coaching that will help students achieve their academic and personal goals.

A Practical Approach

  • Professors: The training will be led by businesspeople and executives with extensive professional and teaching experience, who will share their business experiences in EDEM classrooms.
  • Visits to Companies: monthly visits are paid to companies to learn first-hand about the practical application of the contents explained in the different classes.
  • Internship: From the very first year you will get hands-on experience at companies, every year participating in internships, giving you eight months of professional experience by the end of the degree program.
  • Transversal Project: In each course you will work on a crosscutting, comprehensive project in which you will put into practice the knowledge learned in all the classes to tackle the professional realities facing engineers.

Global Citizens

  • Teaching in English: We believe that for professional success today it is important to be a citizen of the world, for which a high English level is indispensable. At EDEM you will acquire one, thanks to the progressive system of teaching in English, through which we gradually incorporate classes in this language, ultimately imparting 50% of the degree in English. You will have to demonstrate a B2 level of English to obtain the diploma.
  • International Experience: Visit other countries and cultures through what is an ideal experience to learn and grow on your personal and professional path. At EDEM you will be able to study at other universities to share experiences and meet fell students with whom to share ideas. We also welcome students from other countries, who enrich our classes by infusing them with greater diversity.
  • Internships: You will also have the opportunity to complete internships outside Spain, at international companies, to learn first-hand about business realities in other countries.

Values and Attitudes

  • A culture of effort, commitment, teamwork, leadership, and personal and business ethics. At EDEM these values are promoted expansively, throughout all the activities conducted, as we believe that attitudes are the fundamental foundation of both personal and professional success.
  • Diploma in Executive Skills: In parallel to the traditional classes, we offer workshops on executive skills throughout the program.