Skills Diploma

This is an additional diploma offered by EDEM and based on a series workshops in small groups over the course of the four-year program in order to bolster the development of students’ personal and executive skills.


Today it is clear that to achieve professional success in a sustained way a series of qualities are necessary that go beyond just knowledge and experience. Being aware of our emotions and those of others, developing interpersonal skills, and having a series of personal qualities are crucial to achieving extraordinary results in our lives.

The aim of this workshop is to improve performance and personal organization through proper planning; by setting objectives and goals. Insufficient planning or prioritization means that tasks accumulate, causing stress and making it difficult to balance your personal and professional life.

This workshop is specially designed to help discover our needs and objectives as future entrepreneurs; and to explore concepts of effective communication in all its forms (verbal, nonverbal and written), with special focus on strengthening our natural ability to create a network of useful future relationships.

For an entrepreneur, creativity is the key to the ideas he generates, as he must be able to recognize opportunities where others do not. For this it is important to develop a critical spirit and continually question the status quo.

This workshop will help you develop creative strategies that you can apply to your daily life in order to turn your ideas into realities.

Making sales is the greatest and hardest challenge any business faces, as it is an area that requires effort and dedication from entrepreneurs. This workshop will teach you commercial skills, and to understand the different stages of the sales cycle so that you are successful with your future clients.

The workshop is aimed at developing students’ negotiating skills by identifying their strengths and weaknesses, practicing these skills in a positive learning environment, and identifying situations that need resolution, applying win-win solutions for all those involved.

To be able to lead a company successfully and achieve top performance, and highly motivated workers, being a good leader is essential. That is, administrating a company well does not suffice; it is essential to know how to motivate the people forming part of it too.

This workshop will help students improve their leadership skills, key to the starts of their business projects.