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The first step to begin the admission process for this degree program is to thoroughly complete the Online Registration Form, which will be available throughout the year. From this point forward we have a record of your interest in the program, and we will contact you to invite you to the admission tests.



The educational and training objectives of the EDEM University Centre and the limited number of spaces available at it entail the completion of an admission process based on the candidate’s skills, attitudes and the potential he or she will be able to develop during this four-year degree program.

The admission tests are structured in two phases:

  • First phase: written tests and group dynamics.
  • Second phase: personal interview.

The day you come to complete the first phase of the admission tests, you must bring the following documentation:

  • Photocopy of your DNI (National ID).
  • Passport-size photo (original).
  • Photocopy of your ESO (Mandatory Secondary Education) or Baccalaureate academic record.
  • Photocopies of other certifications (languages, activities, courses…)

If the candidate passes the admission process, he will be notified by the EDEM University Centre of his admittance to the Degree in Engineering program for the next academic year. Admission will be contingent upon passing the University Access Tests or their equivalents.

Once the University Access Tests or their equivalents have been passed, and before completing enrolment for the degree program at the EDEM University Centre, you must complete a University Studies Pre-registration Application. Valencian public universities and their affiliated facilities process pre-registration in a coordinated manner. Hence, each student can only submit one pre-registration in Valencia’s university district.


There is a single assignment of slots, in July 2016, but there are different deadlines for the submission of the application, depending on students’ circumstances, as specified here:


1. Students must complete the application via the Internet, using the form found on the website of the Conselleria d’Educació: Connection can be made from any computer with Internet access. You will also need a printer to produce a hard copy of the application.

2. The application, printed and signed by the student, as explained in the following table, will be submitted to the EDEM University Centre, along with the followingdocumentation.

IMPORTANT: The pre-registration must have been completed correctly when you submit your application together with the corresponding documentation to the EDEM University Centre, within the established period. You must keep one of the applications as a supporting document.

You may only submit one pre-registration application. The presentation of more than one application will nullify of all of them.

  • Enrolment is the formal and necessary procedure to be able to complete university studies at the facility, and is carried out through the secretariat of the EDEM University Centre. Once we have received your University Studies Pre-registration Application, we will contact you to formalize your enrolment.
  • Enrolment will be completed at the EDEM University Centre with the support of staff at the center’s secretariat, which shall issue a document certifying the enrolment. It shall be presumed that the student agrees to the validation of the information he has provided.
  • Enrolment is definitive and final when initial payment for it is received.
  • This program calls for a full-time commitment; that is, the student will take at least 60 credits per academic year.

Documentation to be provided
Credit Recognition