Requisitos de acceso

Admission Requirements

Those in any of the following situations may be admitted to the Engineering and Business Management degree program:

  • Those passing the corresponding entrance exams (Baccalaureate University Entrance Exam (EEU), EEU for those over 25, EEY for those over 45; or having a non-EU foreign baccalaureate certified as equivalent to the corresponding EEU); or
  • Obtain the admission accreditation (over 40 years old, an EU educational system baccalaureate, with admission credential issued by the UNED), or
  • Have the necessary degree for access (Vocational Training or university degree).
  • EC Baccalaureate graduates and those from other countries, with an admission credential issued by the UNED.
  • Advanced certification in Vocational Training, or the Plastic Arts and Design, or in Sports, or their equivalents.

The admission tests are structured in two phases:

  • First phase: written tests and group dynamics.
  • Second phase: personal interview.